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We swimmers are pretty “problematic” people. This is because we spend a lot of hours in the pool and social life is reduced. Consequentlywe always think so much to the swimming that we forget everyday stuff. We have collected most common swimmer problems.

Here we have a “short list”!

  1. When the lifeguard says you have to take a shower before getting in the pool
  2. When you resume swimming after a 3 weeks break
  3. When goggles are completely tarnished
  4. When you forget your flip – flops at home
  5. When not- swimmers say swimming is an “easy” sport
  6. When you get cramps
  7. When you do your VIRATA and you don’t reach the wall
  8. When you dive and your suits lowers
  9. When you are on the starting block and your cup breaks
  10. When you have to swim a 400 individual medley
  11. When you come out from the swimming pool and you have the sign of the goggles
  12. When you are overwhelmed by a stroke at butterfly
  13. When your trainer makes hard also a 25 metres exercise
  14. When you have to wear your race suit
  15. When your follower touches your feet
  16. When your bottle of shampoo opens in your bag
  17. When your Swedish goggles breaks during central set
  18. When you want finish to swim but, not, at the real you don’t!
  19. When your desire of food follows you everyday
  20. When you try to take off you goggles but you are wearing vanes
  21. When a swimmer younger than you is faster than you
  22. When you have to explain to a not swimmer that 200 doesn’t mean 200 tubs
  23. When you forget the number of the tubs and you are leading the exercise
  24. When you are stroke by a breaststroke kick
  25. When not swimmers ask you if you know Federica Pellegrini
  26. When you don’t go swimming for 4 days and you have to learn again how to stay afloat
  27. When you hit the lane during a butterfly exercise
  28. When you open your bag and your dress are wet
  29. When the pre – race training looks like a trench
  30. When instead of improving your time you get worse
  31. When you dive and your goggles lower
  32. When you get tanned with your suit sign
  33. When you have to wake up early because of a double training
  34. When in the middle of central set you start to think to what you will eat when you will be back at home
  35. When your friends ask you to hang out but you have your training

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