Fantasy Swimming Team | SCSergio

A new team is ready for the International Fantasy Swimming League! Coach Sergio Navarro presents the team SCSergio:


Leader of the team: Leah Smith & Laszlo Cseh


  1. Federica Pellegrini (Group A)
  2. Leah Smith (Group B)
  3. Georgia Davies (Group A)
  4. Ilaria Bianchi (Group A)
  5. Holly Barratt (Group B)
  6. Minna Atherton (Group B)
  7. Larissa Oliveira (Group A)
  8. Silvia Scalia (Group A)
  9. Alba Vazquez (Group A)
  10. Amy Bilquist (Group B)
  11. Margo Geer (Group B)
  12. Annie Lazor (Group B)


  1. Laszlo Cseh (Group A)
  2. Nathan Adrian (Group B)
  3. Kacper Majchrzak (Group A)
  4. Velimir Stjepanovic (Group A)
  5. Blake Pieroni (Group B)
  6. Finlay Knox (Group B)
  7. Breno Correia (Group A)
  8. Poul Zellman (Group A)
  9. Mark Szaranek (Group A)
  10. Will Licon (Group B)
  11. Justin Lynch (Group B)
  12. Yuri Kisil (Group B)

What are you waiting for? You could be the best Fantasy Swimming Coach in the world!

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