Coach Franco Belga win the Fantasy Swimming League 2019

Coach Franco Belga win the Fantasy Swimming League 2019 1

Coach Franco Belga is the winner of the first historical edition of the Fantasy Swimming League. He was the leader of the ranking from the second day onwards. Always on top thanks to the precious points scored by the leaders of his team: Peaty, Hosszu, King and Dressel.


Second and third positions for Andre04 and Owlmundo, who thanks to an excellent second part of the season, managed to get on the final podium. In fourth and fifth position Francesca and Marktiello, always at the top of the ranking, from the beginning to the end of the league.

Here the best 5 coach of the season:

  1. FrancoBelga F.C. Lasagne 1683
  2. Andre04 – Shark team 1473
  3. Owlmundo – High tide 1457
  4. Francesca – Super chicche 1440
  5. Marktiello – Mark Swim Team 1437


Thus ends the first Fantasy Swimming League. We will be back soon with the second edition of the tournament dedicated to Fantasy Swimming Coaches from all over the world. Stay tuned!

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