Fantasy Swimming | RULES

Every Fantasy Coach can create his own Fantasy Team – picking the swimmers who will compete in the 7 legs of the International Swimming League. Fantasy Team will be composed by 24 swimmers: 12 swimmers who will compete in Group A and 12 swimmers who will compete in the Group B.

Swimmers have been divided into 3 Rosters based on their Palmarès, their fitness and the medals they could win during ISL. Each FantasyCoach can choose 4 swimmers of Roster 1, 8 of Roaster 2 and 12 of Roster 3.

At the end of each competition day, a ranking will be drawn up, in which the winners of the day will be shown. Furthermore, there will be a total ranking in which the points of each Fantasy Team will be summed up. Points are given in this way:

  • 10 points for the gold medal
  • 7 points for the silver medal
  • 5 points for the bronze medal
  • 4 points for the 4th place
  • 2 points for the 5th place
  • 1 point for the 6th place

As regards the relays, points are not won by the swimmer, but buy the team: each FantasyCoach will select 2 teams (one of the tournament A and one from the B) which will compete in the relays.

Obviously, this is a free game! You only need to access to Fantasy Swimming and choose your formation. What are you waiting for? You could be the best Fantasy Swimming Coach in the world!


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