International Swimming League | Energy Standard

International Swimming League | Energy Standard

The International Swimming League (ISL) is a professional swimming league. It includes 8 teams composed by women and men from all over the world. The league in 2019 will take place in seven cities worldwide. Energy Standard is made up of some big Champions, like its leaders: Chad le Clos and Sarah Sjostrom.

Schedule ISL 2019


  1. Charlotte Bonnet
  2. Imogen Clark
  3. Georgia Davies
  4. Femke Heemskerk
  5. Fantine Lesaffre
  6. Penny Oleksiak
  7. Kayla Sanchez
  8. Emily Seebohm
  9. Anastasiya Shkurdai
  10. Sarah Sjöström
  11. Kierra Smith
  12. Rebecca Smith


  1. Simonas Bilis
  2. Anton Chupkov
  3. Chad le Clos
  4. Max Litchfield
  5. Florent Manaudou
  6. Ben Proud
  7. Mykhailo (Misha) Romanchuk
  8. Evgeny Rylov
  9. Sergii Shevtsov
  10. Ilya Shymanovich
  11. Maxim Stupin

Group A :

Group B :

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