International Swimming League | LA Current

International Swimming League | LA Current

The International Swimming League (ISL) is a professional swimming league. It includes 8 teams composed by women and men from all over the world. LA Current: Lea Smith, Matt Greevers, Ryan Held, Felipe Lima, Kathleen Baker … a team of great champions based in Los Angeles, California.

Schedule ISL 2019


  1. Kathleen Baker
  2. Amy Bilquist
  3. Jhennifer Conceicao
  4. Ella Eastin
  5. Beryl Gastadello
  6. Margo Geer
  7. Annie Lazor
  8. Katie McLaughlin
  9. Andi Murez
  10. Farida Osman
  11. Leah Smith
  12. Kendyl Stewart
  13. Aly Tetzloff


  1. Nathan Adrian
  2. Dylan Carter
  3. Michael Chadwick
  4. Jack Conger
  5. Matt Grevers
  6. Ryan Held
  7. Chase Kalisz
  8. Will Licon
  9. Felipe Lima
  10. Ryan Murphy
  11. Blake Pieroni
  12. Josh Prenot
  13. Andrew Seliskar
  14. Tom Shields

Group A :

Group B :

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