International Swimming League | New York Breakers

International Swimming League | New York Breakers

The International Swimming League (ISL) is a professional swimming league. It includes 8 teams composed by women and men from all over the world. The New York Breakers are the only USA team with an heavy Australian contingent, including Wilson, Lewis and McLoughlin. The spearheads of the team are Marco Koch, Michael Andrew and Marcelo Chierigini.

Schedule ISL 2019


  1. Haley Black
  2. Pernille Blume
  3. Ali DeLoof
  4. Catie DeLoof
  5. Gabby DeLoof
  6. Emily Escobedo
  7. Reva Foos
  8. Breeja Larson
  9. Tayla Lovemore
  10. Lia Neal
  11. Emily Overholt
  12. Alys Thomas
  13. Madison Wilson


  1. Michael Andrew
  2. Marcelo Cherighini
  3. Mack Darragh
  4. Joao de Lucca
  5. Jonathan Gomez
  6. Marco Koch
  7. Marius Kusch
  8. Clyde Lewis
  9. Justin Lynch
  10. Jack McLoughlin
  11. Jacob Pebley
  12. Christopher Reid
  13. Pedro Spajari
  14. Brad Tandy
  15. Markus Thormeyer

Group A :

Group B :

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