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Italian leg of the International Swimming League comes to its end and home team finished fourth. Below, the considerations of Fabio Scozzoli, veteran of the Italian National Team, and the head coach Matteo Giunta.

The second leg of the International Swimming League ends with a bang, leaving its spe

ctators gobsmacked because of the lights effects, DJ set, high-level performances and the entertainment. Hence, a great show that sees the home team take the fourth place of general ranking.


Fabio Scozzoli, Italian record holder in 50 – meter breaststroke, is certainly one of the point of reference for Aqua Centurions team, the team led by Federica Pellegrini. To the breaststroker, the defeat of only 0.5 points against the DC Trident hurts.

“Our goal was to improve and to be able to defeat DC Trident. We strongly believed in this goal until the end, but unfortunately half a point is very little.

We have had a bit of bad luck because of the disqualification of Panziera and health problems of Heintz, and we’ve lost some points, with which we would have had a bigger haul”.

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No matter this, Scozzoli speaks enthusiastically about the team feeling have been created in Aqua Centurions team, recounting that he has infected foreigners with his “Italianity”.

“To race a lot is funny. I’m 31 years old and I am not so young any more, but I enjoyed it a lot. You can always give something if you race for your  team, pushed by your public.

This is the most trainign thing. It doesn’t exist any best training than racing. I hope ISL could be the beginning of the future of the swimming”.

Italian sprinter also sadly speaks about recent “disputes” happened due to the beginning of the International Swimming League, highlithing ISL potential:

“I am sad to see that there is still some people who opposes: nothing is stolen, but we all make money. So the value of our sport can only increase”.

Fabio also thanks Felice Scandone swimming pool for the warm welcoming. And, speaking of Italian swimming pools, a special mention goes to Imola (the swimming pool where Fabio trains): in fact, from January 2020, Imola will be the 3rd Federal Center. A cause of pride for this pool where Fabio and other Italian swimmer works every day:

“I think that with the work all of these years, we’ve earned Federation trust and, accordingly, they’ve decided to invest on us. We’ve stayed in the shadows and we’ve always done everything with our forces.

Luckily, the society is strong and we’ve never needed to ask anything. We only need a coverage for the 50 – meter pool”.

In closing, he shares his positive impressions about Naples that, according to him, is the place to start to prove that swimming can become a real sport.

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Also Matteo Giunta, head coach of the Aqua Centurions, puts the focus on the defeat against us team:

“Half a point out of two hundred is a trifle, but it’s part of the game. In these two days we’ve lost a lot of points because of the disqualification (that of Margherita Panziera) and the defeats for a few cents.

There’s also the relay ten minutes before the skin race…

Anyway, in this first season the aim is to show that Italy is present and our public, compared to the other, has something more.

It’s been a show that, except for a few cases of Olympic Games or World Championships, I had never seen before. This competitiveness, this fight with teammates, this spirit are something exceptional.

I am sure that next season we will be able to strengthen the team.

I congratulate the team that fought until the last minute. I am sure they gave their 100%. It makes sense to get fourth and it bothers you, but I can not recriminate anything”.

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Matteo Giunta reaffirms that the week spent in Naples has been really positive for the team. The past two days have been high- intensity, as well as this formats wants. And because of the format, an innovation is that of skin races , on which Giunta expresses himself as follow:

” Skin race is that race where you can overturn the destiny of the whole day. In fact, I will ask for a small change on the scoring system because, according to me, points given in the skin are too much.

Teams like Cali Condors, who where first until the skin, has to face against sprinter of Energy Standard (who are the best in the world) and are overtaken”.

Felice Scandone swimming pool receives, once again, positive feedbacks. According to Giunta, it is a beautiful and completed system, where high-level races can be carried out.

Next appointment of the Intrnational Swimming League will be in Budapest where, for the first time, teams of tournament B will challenge