You spend more time swimming than you spend in school books? Do you have a closet full of clothes that smell like chlorine? When you enter the pool do you feel at home? But above all: do you like to write and want to join the staff of Swimming Effects?

If you answered affirmative to all the questions you have officially come to the right place: Our team is made up of young people who are passionate about swimming, writing and social networks. We tell the aquatic world in a different and innovative way, with a fresh style and aimed at young people. We try to show that in the world of sports, there aren’t just balls that run on green meadows or cars that run on circuits, there are also many stories set between the lanes of a swimming pool.

So, do you want to text on our blog?

Whether you are a dorsist or a delphinist, a sprinter or a cross-country skier, what matters is that you too have been bewitched by the magic of swimming: if you have original ideas, if you are a writing swimmer or a swimming writer, you are certainly welcome to join our team.

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